20 February 2014

Ski Week

We've been having a great time with my parents at their cabin in Mammoth while the boys have had this week off school. The only thing I wish is that Michael could be here enjoying it with us -- he is saving up all his vacation days for a Bradshaw family reunion in the summer so he couldn't take the time off work. 

On Monday we did a short afternoon at June Mountain, a smaller ski hill about 20 minutes from Mammoth where kids 12 and under ski free. Courtland skied for his first time that day.  He has really good balance for never having tried it before, but he got tired out pretty quickly. On Tuesday my mom and I took Kolby, Lijah, & Camden to Mammoth, and by the end of the day Camden was able to ski on his own. The boys were doing well, and we had a lot of fun. On that day, with all three boys skiing pretty well on their own by the end of the day, I got a glimpse of how much fun skiing might be in 5 years or so when all of the boys are really able to ski. 

Yesterday my dad and I were going to take all the boys for another afternoon at June, but when we got there it was closed because of high winds. We ended up going to a thrift store in town where I picked up a couple pairs of skis, ski boots, and helmets so now we have enough for all the boys and we don't have to deal with ski rental equipment anymore (woohoo!)  Today we had a grown up ski day, and it was fun skiing hard with my parents. And we are planning on taking the boys out skiing again the next couple of days. So that should be lots of fun, especially for the older boys who are really looking forward to getting out on the mountain again. 






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