15 February 2014

Lovin' Life

We enjoyed a great day today. Michael and I had a fun bike ride with my parents this morning. Then we tried out a dog beach in Del Mar that we hadn't been to before, and we all had a ball. (No pun intended).  :)   Gotta love 84 degrees in February!  I just love that happy, wind-blown, salty, worn out after-the-beach feeling. 
The boys with the sand castle they built. 

Kolby boogie boarding. 

Brax is at his happiest when playing fetch. 

And Harley is happiest when chasing other dogs.

Harley doesn't fetch, but he will jump up in the air to catch a ball -- he can jump pretty high. 

The 4 older boys built a cool sun dial with rocks on top and a circular tunnel full of water underneath the rocks.

Courtland almost always curls up on the sand and falls asleep whenever we go to the beach. He slept there for an hour or so with the towel covering his whole body and face. 

Michael showing Camden how to surf. (I got Michael a surf board a few weeks ago, and yesterday he tried it out and we were surprised to find that the board does fit into Michael's little car, so he will be able to go surfing in the mornings before work more often now. So exciting!) 

Harley all worn out. 

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