10 January 2014

A Nice Birthday

What a nice birthday!  Started out playing some great games of volleyball late last night, and then I got to start out the day today with Michael making me French toast for breakfast -- my favorite!  I just dropped the kids off at school, and I get to go play volleyball again this morning. Then my mom invited me to go out to lunch. And tonight my grandma is going to come hang out with the boys while Michael and I go on a date. The other day Michael told me he had an idea for what to do on our date tonight: he suggested we go to dinner, and we go shopping so I can get some new boots (to replace the ones I love that are getting really worn out) or some clothes. Yeah!  I think he has figured me out -- sounds like the perfect date night to me. :). But the fun doesn't stop there -- tomorrow morning we will go on our weekly bike ride. Since Michael and my parents got me a bike for Christmas/my birthday so Michael and I can actually both go riding at the same time (I've been using his bike for years, so we could never go on a bike ride together), no Saturday morning seems complete without at least a 10 mile bike ride to explore the hills around our home. And tomorrow evening we're getting together with some friends to hang out, have pizza, jump on the trampoline, and play games with the kids.    Sounds like a great birthday weekend to me.  

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