11 January 2014

A long ride

Michael, my dad, and I went on a fun bike ride today. We started out exploring an area near Artesian Road, where there are some fun trails. And then we looped around and decided to just keep going. So we ended up going all the way around Lake Hodges, which turns out to be a much longer, more windy lake than I ever realized from driving past it all my life.  It ended up being about a 16 mile ride -- that's the longest bike ride I've done, at least the longest mountain biking ride I've done before.  I'm ready for a nice long ride like that again. Unfortunately Michael had a pulled muscle or something in his leg, and he says he prefers our 5 to 10 mile rides. But I'd say it was a fun morning!

Harley was pretty worn out (Brax stayed home this time because his feet were hurt). At one point we stopped at a stream, and Harley walked right into the water, laid down with his legs spread out in the water, and lapped up the water as it flowed past his face. Pretty cute!

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