16 June 2013

Still Looking . . .

So we went on Friday and met the girl from the dog rescue group in Temecula.  She brought the dog, "Rambler," that I wrote about last week.  He seemed like a nice dog, and he was very cute.  He and Brax got along great too.  And the kids liked him.  But he must have been abused by whoever owned him before he ended up at the shelter, because he was very fearful.  And we realized that he was very afraid of any loud noises or quick movements. So although it may have worked out in the long run, we decided that a dog with a fear of loud noises and sudden movements just wasn't the best idea for a home with five active young children.  We talked about it, and decided to keep looking for a different dog that would fit better with our family.  And we hope that that sweet dog finds a good, quiet home soon.  So, for now, we're still searching.

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