18 June 2013

Another Meet & Greet

Well, it looks like we're going to have another "meet and greet" to check out another dog from the rescue group.  This dog is a cute female black lab mix, and they said she's great with kids, adults, and all dogs.  She's house trained, crate trained, and good on a leash.  The foster home she's with said she's one of the best dogs she's ever had, and she couldn't think of anything negative about her.  So, it sounds like this one could be a real possibility.  
Isn't that sweet?

If we got this dog that would also mean I wouldn't be the only girl in the house anymore.  :)   Hadn't really thought about getting a female dog before.  When we were thinking about another male dog I had the cutest name picked out: Harley.  Girl dog names are a little harder for me to decide on.  

I wrote down some ideas and showed them to Michael tonight.  After crossing my two top choices, Bentley and Berkley, off the list because those happen to be names of people in our congregation at church and that would be a little awkward for them to find out we used their name for a dog (although in my defense I did have those names both picked out before we moved here and met those people).  Anyway, Michael and I further narrowed down the list, eliminating Avery, Zoe, Lucy, and Kenzie (some of those just sound too much like people names).

So now we're left with Macie, Miley, and Delaney (Laney).  I've always thought Macie was a cute name.  I like Miley (although there's some teenage singer with that name, but I guess that doesn't really matter).  And I just came across Delaney today and I think that's really cute too.  I've always liked the name Laney (pronounced like "Lane-ee"), ever since I watched a movie back in high school with a character with that name.  And Delaney is way cute (although it'd probably end up being Laney more often, since Delaney's a little long for when you're calling a dog.  Anyway,what do you think about these names?            

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Jennie Nelson said...

LOVE MACIE!! that was my first dogs name! such a good one!) and i love this dog!! had a dream last night that we got a black lab puppy!:)