13 March 2013

Our House

Michael and I have been on pins and needles the last couple days waiting to hear about the house in Del Sur that we made an offer on over the weekend.  I happened to be wearing my exercise pants (because I went to play volleyball this morning), and those pants don't have pockets, so I was carrying my phone around in my hand, double checking to make sure I hadn't missed a call all day.  At dinner tonight Kolby told us that Jack, his classmate who happens to live in the house we made the offer on, told him that his dad said we were going to get the house.  But we were still holding our breath all night, waiting for an actual phone call from an adult.  :)

So, we just got the call from our realtor tonight that we got the house!!!  Of course we still need to deal with all the paperwork and have the inspection done, (but it's a 3 year old house that looks to be in good condition, so how much could the inspection really find?)  We don't have an exact closing date yet, but it looks like it'll be sometime in the end of April.  We are way excited!  Can't wait to finally be done moving around every few years of our life together.  I'll have to post more pictures of the house after we go for the inspection and I have a chance to take my own photos -- the photos from the MLS listing were fine, but were a little dark and didn't really do the house justice.

Oh, and here's something really cool:  In our church on the first Sunday of each month we have a special meeting where church members "fast," meaning we skip the first two meals of the day and we donate the money that we would have spent on those meals to people who are in need.  Also, in the scriptures we learn that fasting along with prayer can spiritually strengthen us.  So as Kolby and Lijah have just gotten old enough to start fasting since they each turned 8, we've been trying to teach them the idea that fasting without a reason is basically just starving yourself -- that you should have some purpose in mind to fast for.  For example, we might fast and ask for help for someone who is sick or hurt or otherwise in need, or to ask for help in making an important life decision, or to ask that we could have an opportunity to share the gospel with someone.  So, anyway, on Sunday we were fasting and one of the things that we decided to fast for is help in finding the right house for our family.  So it was pretty special for the boys to see that we found our house and made an offer on it the same night as our family was fasting to find a house.  Pretty cool lesson for them.


Jessie said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!

Mel said...

So happy for you guys!!!