10 March 2013

Another House

So, we didn't get that house that we made an offer on a week or so ago.  We knew there would be multiple offers on that house so we weren't too surprised when we were outbid.  We were surprised, however, to find out that there were 30 offers on that house in a matter of just a few days.  The market is crazy right now!  We've also never heard back about our offer over a month ago on that first foreclosed house, and we're obviously not holding our breath on that one anymore.

But it has been nice that there have been several more houses on the market in the last week -- we've been to three open houses on different houses and gone to see some model homes this weekend.

Last week Natalie, the mom of Jonah, one of Kolby's friends from his class at school, told me that another friend of Kolby's and Jonah's from their class would be moving and they were going to be putting their house on the market soon.  So a couple of days ago when a house went up on the market just one street away from Jonah's house, I wondered if it might be the one she had told me about.  We found out that there would be an open house for it this afternoon after church.  And last night when Michael was looking at the pictures of the house online, he said he thought we would make an offer on this one.

So, today we went and saw the house.  We liked it a lot.  It has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and is around 2,700 square feet.  It's in the Del Sur neighborhood, just down the street from the boys' school (so it's close enough for the boys to easily walk to school, but just far enough not to have too much traffic from the school right around the house).  It's also near a couple parks with pools and playgrounds, not too far from a dog park, and there is a trail entrance at the end of the street that connects to all the hiking trails around Del Sur.  Oh, and according to the Del Sur website, there are plans for another park near the elementary school that will include a tennis court, basketball court, and a skate park -- which sounds really fun as the boys get a little older.  The house has dark wood floors and cabinets (just like I like), and nice granite counters, the master bedroom and bath are nice, there is a built in sound system in the house and the back yard, an upstairs laundry room, a large garage, all the appliances are included, and it has a pretty stone fireplace.  The house is in good condition and doesn't appear to need any work (although there is some potential for a couple of different projects if we wanted in the future, like maybe upgrading the tile in the smaller bathrooms, or possibly extending the kitchen a little into the garage to build a large walk-in pantry someday).  :)  There is a nice little back yard with plenty of space for a large garden, a small courtyard off the dining room, a side yard with potential for a dog run, and enough space in the side yard on the other side of the house to possibly put in some kind of play set for the kids.    It's in a good location, and once the nearby construction is done the road that the elementary school is on will eventually go through straight to the high school and the proposed middle school, so the boys would be able to walk to school when they get older too.

We're pretty excited about this house.  We made an offer tonight, and we feel like it's a really competitive offer.  Our realtor is pretty confident that we will get this house, which makes us even more excited.  Michael says he has butterflies in his stomach.  I'm just hoping that we actually get this one.  We're way more excited about this house than we've been about the others we made offers on.  It just feels right.  So I'll really have to try hard not to get my hopes up too high on this one, since it'd be pretty disappointing not to get this house.  But at the same time, we made the best possible offer that we could at this point in time, so we can't have any regrets if we don't get it -- no wondering if we should have increased our offer just a little bit more.  Plus, if we don't get this house, that just tells us there's another house out there somewhere that's better for us.  But I really want this to be the one.  So we'll see.  Their agent said they are taking offers until Wednesday, so we should know this week.  Keep us in your prayers!


Tricia said...

Let us know! The house looks beautiful!! Good luck. BTW- I think you have a great attitude about house shopping. I get my hopes up way to easily.

Jared and Karissa said...

What a beautiful home! I hope you get it! So many exciting things happening! Also, I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! They are all so handsome! Fingers crossed for you guys!