26 February 2013

Random Pictures

Well, I'm kind of on a roll lately with posting photos to the blog, so I figure I might as well add these ones while I'm at it.  These are just a few random pictures and things that I hadn't posted before.

A talk that Camden gave in primary at church, back in April 2011 
(I don't think I ever got this up on the blog -- oops).

Isaac with his speech therapist, Joann Eduardo.

We found the boys asleep like this in their closet one night (the hardwood floors in our old house never seemed to bother the boys).  

Michael's portrait that we had taken for his work website.

And I decided to have my picture taken too while we were there for Michael. 

Celebrating Michael's 32nd birthday at Dalin & Jennie's house.

Brothers building.

I love this picture of Isaac in the palm tree in the front yard.

Kolby with his friends during his class Thanksgiving party.

Camden and Courtland's house.

Lijah with his Valentine's mailbox at school on Valentine's Day.

Courtland (in the center, back) with his Nursery class at church, acting out a scripture story. 

Camden, sound asleep, holding scissors and a paper airplane.

Courtland, after experimenting with Aunt Shelle's mascara.

And I wrote down Courtland's answers to these questions for his "Sunbeams" class at church on Sunday.

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