26 February 2013

Lijah's "Famous American" Project

Lijah had a fun time putting together his big project for 2nd grade: the "Famous American" report, poem, and poster.  He chose to do it on Abraham Lincoln, and read two biographies (and one was a chapter book) in preparation for it.  I helped him on his report with getting his information organized and some of the typing, but he did a lot of work writing that report and choosing pictures to use in it.  And he worked for several days on designing his poster and then painting it all.  He came up with the idea to include the White House and an American flag in the background, and he painted one of Lincoln's sons and a dog too, since we learned that Lincoln was really involved with his children and he was a real animal lover (I didn't know this, but I guess that people would often come to the White House for official meetings, and Lincoln would have either a little boy or a dog sitting on his lap during the meetings).  Anyway, the kids all presented their posters and their poems at school for their classmates and parents to see, and then Lijah got picked as one of the 3 kids in his class to present his poster and poem at the school's Friday Flag assembly.  He did a great job reading his poem and remembering to speak nice and loud -- and everyone loved the part in his poem about the penny.

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