26 February 2013

Book Signing

Here are a couple of pictures from the night we went for the book signing with Brandon Sanderson, an author of Michael’s favorite book series, The Wheel of Time.  In the pictures is also the widow of Robert Jordan, the original author of the series who passed away a few years ago.  Michael has been reading these books over and over since before I met him, and so for our anniversary I got him a copy of the final book in the series, and a spot in line at the book signing.  It was a fun night.  Michael really enjoyed it, and not only had fun meeting Brandon Sanderson and getting his book signed, but also chatting with a bunch of other fans of the series about these books and other books they recommended.  I was mostly just expecting it to be a fun night because Michael would enjoy it so much, but I actually enjoyed it too.  Before the book signing began, they had a question and answer session, which was pretty entertaining.  And after the book signing they were giving away books and other Wheel of Time gear to people who could answer trivia questions about the books.  It was more fun than I expected, since I just thought we would go, stand in line, get the book signed, and then leave.  I told Michael it was almost enough to entice me to start reading the series, almost (the series is like 14 books long, each close to 1,000 pages long).    :)

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