04 November 2012

The Fort

The boys and I found a great location for a little "fort" in the hills not far from my parents' house, in a small clearing near some little trees.  We have so much fun going there -- "building" the fort (we've made two lean-tos with sticks and brush, and we started to collect flat rocks to line the floor of the "bear cave" -- the first lean-to we made).  We've also put together some very, very basic furniture from extra scraps of wood -- Kolby made a little chair, and last time we went we made a very low bench/table (a long plank with two smaller pieces of wood underneath on either side).  And the boys love to hike in the hills around the fort, or play hide and seek in the brush and in the reeds near the trees.  It's just so much fun!

Here are some videos and pictures from the first day we went to the fort:

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