04 November 2012

Camden's birthday

Camden turned 6 in September.  On Camden’s birthday we had a cake, and he opened presents from the family.  My parents gave him a book about knights and another one about King Arthur, which he was excited to read with Nana.  The brothers spent time coloring and wrapping their little treasures to give to Camden.  And Mommy & Daddy gave him roller blades (they are fun ones that I found at a garage sale back in New York – the wheels can be adjusted so the two back wheels are side by side, to make it easier for kids who are still learning).  Camden has fun roller blading in the courtyard and in the cul-de-sac in front of the house.  Here’s a little video of Camden trying out the roller blades for the first time (sorry it’s pretty dark – as you can see it was night time when he opened his gifts).  

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