16 November 2012

The Fort, Again

So, I had to do another little post about the boys' fort.  They have so much fun going and playing there (ok, I'll admit it, I do too).  Sometimes we'll go to the fort in the late afternoon after the boys finish their homework, chores, and piano practice, and Michael will come meet us there when he gets home from work in the evening.  We picked up a little battery powered lantern, and we've put it to good use on these nights when it gets dark so early in the evening.  We even invited some friends to go with us last time, which was lots of fun.  Anyway, a few weeks ago we went and Michael met us at the fort and he brought a library book to read to the boys, which was so much fun.  I love the pictures of them all sitting in the "bear cave" reading by the lantern light.  How fun!

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