16 November 2012

Kolby's birthday party

Kolby had a fun time at his birthday party.  He invited a few kids from his class at school and from church.  He wanted to have a Harry Potter party, and he even wore his Harry Potter Halloween costume at the beginning of the party.  Michael and the boys got excited for the party and made a little game like pin the tail on the donkey, but it was pin the quiditch ball on the picture of Harry Potter.  And they blew up lots of balloons, which Kolby and his friends had fun popping at the beginning of the party.  We made pizza and the kids had cake and ice cream sandwiches.  Then I put Camden, Isaac, and Courtland to bed while Michael turned on the 1st Harry Potter movie for the big kids.  (Lijah read the first Harry Potter book with Michael and Kolby just a few weeks before the party, so he was excited to see the movie for the first time that night).  Some of the boys were a little rambunctious (it was kind of funny to watch and see which kids don't watch too much tv and which ones probably spend a lot more time watching tv and movies, because I could tell that some of the kids were very into the movie, and a few of them seemed bored to death with it, but it went alright).  Kolby had a great night, and it was fun to get to know some of his friends.

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