16 November 2012

Old Family Photos

When we stopped in Utah on our move to California we had a chance to visit Michael's Grandma and Grandpa McIntosh.  I took a little time while we were there to look at some of the old family photos at their house, and I snapped some pictures of several photos with my own camera so we could have copies too.  These are the ones of Michael, his parents, and his siblings.  I hadn't seen most of these before.

Michael's parents, Debbie & Dick

Michael and his sister, Melanie

Isn't this a cute one of Mel & Michael?

Michael's mom

Michael's dad

Michael with his sister Melanie and his brother Alan

Dick, Debbie, Michael, Mel, & Alan

And the whole family: Dick, Debbie, Michael, Melanie, Alan, Annette, Jennie, & little Mindy

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