16 November 2012

New Family Photos

We went and had our annual family portraits taken a couple weeks ago.  The photographer was friendly, but seemed like he hadn't been trained to photograph children at all: he literally just said "One, two, three" before taking each picture and didn't do anything at all to try to get the kids to smile.  He also seemed to have no experience posing people for portraits, as the poses that he chose looked just plain strange, and he asked us several times how we would like to have everyone positioned.  Needless to say, we had more than a few lackluster shots to choose from (and we'll plan on requesting a more experienced photographer next time).  But we did come out of it with one picture of the boys where they were all looking at the camera and mostly smiling.  And we got a family shot that turned out pretty cute (with a little help from photoshop).

So here they are, the 2012 Bradshaw family portraits:

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Stacy and Justin said...

Your boys are so handsome, and you look beautiful! Great pictures!