21 October 2012

The Kearls!

We were so lucky because within the last few months we got to see both the Kearls and the Hedgecocks, our dear friends from when we were in Milwaukee for medical school.  When we moved to California we stopped in Milwaukee for a couple of days and visited the Kearls.  Since Tyce is an MDPHD and he was a couple years behind Michael in med school, they are still in Milwaukee finishing up school, but when we visited church on the Sunday we were there we found that the Kearls were one of the few families that we still knew in our old ward (because that ward has such high turn over with all the students).  We had a lot of fun -- including some hiking, swimming, going out for pizza, yummy food, and of course some late night games after we got all 9 of our children asleep in two bedrooms.  :)   Since we last saw the Kearls they have had two more kids, Ivy and Asher.  The kids got along great and had a wonderful time playing together.  I told Faith and Tyce that I was a little nervous that maybe their kids were all calm and quiet and we might overwhelm them, but it worked out well because all of the kids were active and fun and did great together.  We told Katie and Ivy that they could have their pick of which of our boys to marry some day.  I think by the end of the visit Katie and Camden had decided they are going to get married.  :)  It was as fun as ever, and we're still trying to convince the Kearls to move to San Diego once med school is done -- we'll see.  :)

Looking at the pictures we took of the kids together on our visit, I ended up going back and finding some of the old pictures of the kids from when we were in med school, so I just had to share some of those too:
Nathan & Elijah 

Kolby, Eli, & Nathan building a blanket fort in our old apartment
Summer art class (luckily for Kolby that was non toxic paint)
Katie probably doesn't remember that she was Camden's "girlfriend" from a very young age  :) 

Park Days 

Camping at Bear Lake 

And these are the pictures from our visit this summer:
Lijah & Nathan

Courtland, Katie, and Ivy

Katie & Camden

Kolby, Lijah, & Nathan

(All the kids except baby Asher, who I think was napping at the time).

So sad to have to leave: 

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