21 October 2012

The Hedgecocks!

And in the end of August we had a great surprise when we found out that the Hedgecocks were coming to southern California for a vacation to Lego Land, so we got to go visit with them one night at their hotel, and they got to come down to our place the following night.  It was lots of fun!  The kids all had fun together, playing games and swimming.  Since we last saw the Hedgecocks, we had Courtland and they had one more little boy too, Davis.  The first night at their hotel was a lot like old times -- with kids playing board games together and slowly dropping off to sleep while the grown ups played cards and talked and laughed.  And the next night we had dinner and swam here at the house.  Some of the boys started falling asleep -- before the Hedgecocks left Camden and Elijah were sleeping on the floor, and we later went to look for Kolby and found him asleep in his bed.  I'm afraid we weren't very good company because we were pretty tired by the end of the night -- our boys had already started school so they were a little tired from staying up late.  But we had so much fun seeing Peter, Cynthia, and their boys.  We're so glad they came, and hopefully it won't be so long before our next visit.

And of course I had to look back at some old photos from our Milwaukee days (for some reason I couldn't find any photos of Kolby and Jordan from when we first met them when we lived in the same apartments at BYU).  Here are some fun old photos:
This was from right after the Hedgecocks moved to Milwaukee for the first time. 

I think Jordan used to look so much like Peter, 
but when we saw him this time he looks more like Cynthia to me. 

Eli with baby Carter on one of our trips to the park while we were 
swapping babysitting to go to the Chicago temple.

Eli and Carter (or "Darter," as Camden used to pronounce it) 

Carter hugging baby Courtland goodbye on one of our last days in Milwaukee

Good Friends

And here are the pictures from when they came to visit us:
These kiddos are into board games -- I wonder where they got that from?

Carter is so tall!

Cynthia with baby Davis
Sleep tight.
Good Friends. 

Swimming fun! 

Sleepy heads.

We miss you guys!

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