04 September 2012

School Plays, Father's Day mural, and Cub Scouts

Before we moved we also got to enjoy Lijah’s school play (Lijah had the same first grade teacher as Kolby did, and he just happened to draw the same part for the play that Kolby had the year before – he made a great little bus driver). 

And Kolby had a performance of his own for his 2nd grade graduation day (at their school in NY it was K through 2nd grade, then another school for 3rd through 5th).  Both boys had great teachers last year!

And the boys had so much fun on Father’s Day back in June.  For weeks they had been making Daddy a giant picture (more like a mural) by taping together lots of coloring pages and then using paper and other materials to make a really big family picture on the back of all the pages.  And they came up with that idea all by themselves.  That was when we were getting the house ready to sell, so we were only using paper dishes to save on cleaning – so they came up with the idea to cut up paper plates to use when making the people – I think my favorite part was the rim of a paper plate that they used as the body/tail of Brax.  Anyway, it was so fun because they spent so much time on it, and Michael loved it. 

We also enjoyed a picnic with Jeff & Amanda Moon from Michael’s work.  They are such a nice couple, and we had so much fun with them!

 Kolby enjoyed his first cub scout day camp and had a great time.  And one evening after the boys got back from camp they awarded Kolby his Wolf badge.  He really likes scouts a lot, and is looking forward to cub scouts starting up here again soon.  (And we finally figured out how to fit in the time to help him work on his scout requirements: we often fulfill several requirements each time we have our weekly family night – it’s not only fun for Kolby, but all his little brothers like doing the activities too).

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