27 August 2012

Portraits of the Boys

We had these portraits taken on August 11th.  They turned out so cute!  (And these look like they will work as our boys' "school pictures" for this year too, so that's nice).  I can't believe how old Courtland is looking.  What adorable little men.  :)


Rob VanVliet said...

I love how you stay up with taking formal pictures of your family. I feel like I need to do this! Where do you get it done? Your boys are ADORABLE by the way :) And I can't even tell which one is the youngest anymore, that's how much he grew up!:)

Stephanie said...

We just go to JC Penny to get our pictures. We go online and get a two year membership (which makes it so you don't ever have to pay sitting fees). Then we use a couple coupons each time we go -- they always seem to have some on their website. It ends up being really affordable compared to what some people will pay for portraits, and they usually turn out pretty nice. Thanks!

Kari Whiting said...

I found your blog through the friend grapevine and I just love it!! I have 4 boys 5 yrs and under and it is so fun to see and read about other families like ours. I think you handle it way better than I do but I sure is a bundle of fun/crazy raising all boys (especially ones so close in age). See all your pictures makes me want one more, they are just so cute!! Glad to have read your blog!!
Kari Whiting