18 June 2012

Michael's Residency Graduation

I just wanted to share a few of the photos from Michael's graduation last week.  He's got a few more days of work left, but he's almost done for good.  I think he's ready to move on to the next part of life and start his new job.  (I know what he's really ready for is to be done with his big board exam in July!)  Anyway, the graduation was an enjoyable night with a chance to say goodbye to the other residents and the doctors that they work with.

I thought it was funny because one of the doctors "roasted" Michael and the other two graduating residents, Janet and Catherine.  She went back to their applications to residency and found some quotes from their personal statements that were somewhat humorous for the other two (Something in Janet's about how years of needlework had strengthened her hands for surgery.  And something in Catherine's about loving children and surgical procedures -- and then everyone laughed and said people will say anything to get into a residency program, so I guess those are things she doesn't really love).  But, as usual, each year it seems hard for them to roast Michael because no one can ever seem to "dig up any dirt" on him.  I did like the quote that they found from his application, though (even though it wasn't particularly funny or embarrassing).  His was, "Balance is essential to a rewarding life."  And then they flashed a picture of our family on the screen, as proof that Michael has a life to balance, I suppose.  :)

(Oh, and I have to admit, I did have a fun time getting Jeff and Amanda's baby to sleep when several other people tried and couldn't.  Their son is 3 or 4 months old, and they were saying that he often seems to startle himself awake whenever he's napping or sleeping at night, and I think they said he had only slept through the night once before.  I ended up telling them all about swaddling.  Then we got to go over to their home for dinner last night, and they said they has tried the swaddling, and he's slept through the night every night since then.  Woohoo!)  Anyway, we had a fun night at the graduation.

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