01 May 2012


We went hiking to Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, and we found that the "waterfall" wasn't especially impressive, but the hike was fun and the large rocks right around the water were pretty cool to climb around on.  At one point I was climbing a bit while Michael and the boys ate lunch, and Matthew jumped off a big rock down to another rock maybe about 10 feet below that in the river.  I went to follow, but couldn't get up the nerve to jump.  It took a bunch of tries before I convinced myself to do it (these are only about half the video clips Matth took), but I finally did it . . . but Matthew missed it with the video camera, so then I had to go back up and make myself do it again.  And, of course, it doesn't look nearly as high (or scary) on the video as it felt from the top of that rock.  But I landed it fine (twice).  :)  I did bruise my heal when I landed, which finally stopped hurting just about a week or so ago, but I guess it was worth it to show my baby brother that I haven't become a total wimp in my old age, right?  :)

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