01 May 2012

Balboa Park

One day while we were in San Diego Michael and I spent the morning with our realtor (a family friend of mine growing up), looking at houses.  It was more a trip to familiarize Michael with the different areas there within the school district so he is more aware of what kind of house you can get where, and what to expect in the different neighborhoods as far as the age of the houses, the lot sizes, and the HOA fees and mello roos (local school taxes).  It was a good trip, and gave us a lot to think about.

While we were out looking at houses, Mom, Matthew, Jake, and Michelle had the boys.  When we got home, we were surprised to find that they had a fun trip to Balboa Park (near downtown San Diego) while we were gone.  How fun!  Here are some photos that Matthew took of their little outing:

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