08 April 2012

San Diego pictures

So, I thought I might start posting some of the photos from our trip.  I've been so busy around here trying to get everything ready to put this house up on the market at the end of the month, spending most days working from morning to night on fixing little things, cleaning, or packing anything and everything that we can possibly do without for the next few months, and just trying to get the house to look as perfect as possible so that we can hopefully sell it 1) at a decent price, and 2) in a decent amount of time.  So, needless to say, I haven't really had time to sit down and post photos to the blog since we've been home.  But I'm trying not to do any real packing or house projects on Sundays, so I thought I could spend a little time on the photos now.  We'll see what I can get uploaded for now, and then maybe I'll find a little more time again next Sunday . . .

So, here are a couple of shots of the boys on our flight to San Diego back in January.

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