08 April 2012

Lijah's church talk, Easter day 2012

Lijah's primary talk, 8 April 2012
“Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me”

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.  When Jesus was 12 years old, he went with Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem.  When it was time to leave Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus anywhere and they were worried about him.  They looked all over and found him in the temple.  Jesus was teaching some older men about the gospel.  From this, I learn that even little kids like me can learn about the gospel and teach others about it.  And I can prepare to go to the temple when I turn 12 too. 

And one time there were lots of people and Jesus fed them all with just a little bread and fish.  It was a miracle.  I can be like Jesus by sharing my food and toys with my brothers. 

John the Baptist was preaching to some people and Jesus came down and asked John to baptize him.  John baptized Jesus.  We know that Jesus was perfect, so he really didn’t need to be baptized for his sins, but Jesus was baptized anyway because Heavenly Father commanded us all to be baptized and Jesus was obedient.  This story shows us that we need to be baptized.  I can’t wait to be baptized when I turn 8!

Another time Jesus walked on the water and asked one of his apostles to walk on the water too.  This shows me that if I have enough faith and follow the commandments, nothing is impossible. 

One time there were 10 lepers – lepers are people who have a very bad disease that makes their skin falls off.  Jesus came and healed the 10 lepers.  But only 1 of them came back to thank Jesus.  This teaches us to show gratitude for our blessings. 

And there were many times when Jesus sat and ate with people who had sinned.  There were some people who thought that the son of God shouldn’t be with sinners.  But Jesus knew that everyone is a child of God, and needs the gospel.  I can follow Jesus’ example by being kind to others.  If there is someone at school who seems lonely, I can try to be their friend. 

I’d like to bear my testimony that the church is true, and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet, and that the scriptures are true.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  

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