30 April 2012

Playing with Cousins at the Park

We had lots of fun at this playground in Del Sur with Michelle and her girls, Lizzie and Sadie, and Mom and Matthew came and joined us there too.  I was so impressed with how the boys were with their two little cousins -- they were calmer and gentler and more helpful and concerned about the little girls (most of the time) -- it was pretty darn cute!  Lijah pushed Sadie in that swing forever, and Camden loved to hold Lizzie's hand and walk around with her.  I think Camden and Lizzie looked like they could be siblings, with their blonde hair. And I told Courtland and Lizzie that they could be "twin" cousins, since they were born just 3 weeks apart.  Lizzie's response to that: "No, I'm not a twin, I'm a ballerina."  There's a rather blurry shot of Michelle and I together (thanks to our little photographer).  And I just love the shot of all the cousins together on the rocks.  Happy days.

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