30 April 2012

More Photos from the San Diego Trip

I thought I'd post a few more photos from our trip to San Diego (at this rate, I might just get all the photos from our trip posted before we're back in San Diego again in 3 months).  :)

Matthew, Dad, and Aaron fixed the suburban when it started leaking gas all over the road -- pretty impressive.  I told Dad he'd need to teach Michael some car-fixing skills when we move there, but Matthew said Michael would have to get in line, since this was the first time he'd learned about how to fix a car too.

Then I just had a couple random shots from our drive to Mammoth.  This is Matthew, having a grand old time driving and singing Disney songs along with Pandora on the IPhone.

(And this is a shot of the air conditioning -- I was sick and had the heat turned on hi, and Matth had his side turned as low as it would go in an attempt to keep awake while driving at night).

And we always seem to end up with good sleeping dog and kids shots when we go to San Diego.  Here's Kolby, Camden, and I think that's Makenna (or maybe it's Makai).

Well, that was a pretty random post.  

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