07 February 2012

Kolby's class letter

Along with other school work, Kolby's teacher asked that he send a letter (e-mail) to the class each week while we're gone.  So I thought I'd include those here for a little update on our trip from Kolby's perspective.

6 February 2012

Dear class,
            On Monday we went on the airplane to San Diego.  It took two airplane rides.  When we got here my grandmother picked us up at the airport.  I call my grandmother Nana and my grandfather Papa.  Both of my uncles, Matthew and Aaron, also live with my grandparents.  When we got to their house we saw Matthew and Grandma Faun.  Grandma Faun is my great grandma.  Grandma Faun lives in Utah, she came here to visit and she went back to her house on Saturday.  My brothers and I tried to run away from Uncle Matthew, because we played a game where he tried to capture us and put us in a pretend jail.  Then we had dinner.  It was good. 

The next day when my brothers and I woke up, we got up at 4:00am because we weren’t used to getting up at the right time here.  We ate cereal for breakfast while it was still dark out.  Then we watched the movie Chicken Little while everyone else was still asleep.  After Mommy woke up my brother, Lijah, and I did school work.  We did daily reading, we wrote in our reading logs, we wrote in our journals, we worked on our math workbooks, and I practiced cursive. 

It was Lijah’s birthday that day.  We walked to the library (because it is so warm here) and got books.  Then we walked to the grocery store and got Lijah some cake and ice cream for his birthday.  He picked Moose Tracks ice cream and strawberry cake. 

On another day we walked Makai and Makena, Nana and Papa’s dogs.  We tied the leashes together so we could walk both dogs at the same time.  My brothers and I each took turns holding the leash and walking the dogs.  While the others were taking their turns, Lijah and Camden pushed me in the stroller around the cul-de-sac. 

Yesterday was Courtland’s birthday.  Courtland is my youngest brother.  He turned 3.  Yesterday we went to church.  In my class there were 13 kids – that is way bigger than my church class at home.  We got special treats at church because we were visiting.  Last night we had Pineapple Upsidedown Cake for Courtland’s birthday.  The cake was so hot that it melted the candles and wax got into the cake.  But the cake was still yummy.

Since we have been here it has been really fun.  I miss you guys.


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