11 September 2011

Tannery Creek Falls, Naples, NY

Well, it’s after midnight and my eyes are getting droopy so it’s about time to wake up Michael (asleep on the couch, of course) and go up to bed.  I finally finished working on a presentation that I was asked to give at a stake family history training conference next month (I've been slacking and putting it off, but now I'm mostly done, which feels really nice. 

But I wanted to post something, since I’ve kind of been neglecting the blog the last few weeks.  I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your nights (and some of your days) mudding and sanding drywall, painting walls, and priming and painting cement floors in the basement.  Someday we’ll have this job finished – we both decided that any large drywall jobs in future houses may have to be hired out, since sanding drywall is just about the worst job on earth (you mud, you wait a day for it to dry, you sand, you repeat these steps at least 3 times, you finally decide it’s good enough, you sweep and vacuum up the heaps of white powder everywhere, you paint the walls, and then you notice all the little spots where you could have done a better job with the sanding).  But I have to say that the basement is already quite improved, and we’ve still got a ways to go before we’re done.  It sure will feel good once we finish!

Anyway, with the basement, and with school starting (you’d think that would make things easier, but with school also starts preschool 2 mornings a week, speech therapy 2 other mornings a week, weekly library story time, weekly playgroup, and my church calling teaching the 8 to 11 yr old girls every other week, so our schedule’s a bit tighter now.)  And any spare time that I’ve found I’ve spent working on Christmas gifts (which I’ve had a lot of fun working on – wish I didn’t have to wait until December to post about them).  

Plus, the last couple weekends we’ve tried to fit in a couple more trips to waterfalls before the weather gets too cold.  We went to Tannery Creek in Naples and Barnes Creek in Canandaigua.  So, before I fall asleep, here’s a picture of the boys at the first falls at Tannery Creek.  I love how this picture turned out, especially with Lijah up in the tree, since that’s where we’d normally find him at any given time.  Hope you are all doing well, and getting plenty of sleep.  :)  Good night.  


Mel said...

i LOVE this picture!

Michelle Conde said...

If I were you, Steph, I'd crop this picture a bit in on either side to make it narrower, and then get a giant print made of it for the wall--like four or five feet tall, if the resolution is good enough. Wouldnt that look awesome?