11 September 2011

Sleepy Head

Michael often falls asleep before me, and once in a while he’ll talk in his sleep. Or, more often, I’ll wake him up after he’s fallen asleep on the couch so that we can go up to bed, and we’ll have a conversation, but the next morning he has no memory of it. So, the other night he was sleeping on the couch and he started talking in his sleep. It went something like this:
Michael: Why don’t you Mosley [that’s a name of a street near our house]?
Me: What?
Michael: Mosley . . . Like the name of the other Smurfette . . .
Me: What?
Michael: The other Smurfette, the one with the other name . . . Oh wait, there’s only one Smurfette . . .

So, that was random and rather amusing. Then a little while later I woke him up and we went up to bed. I remembered that I wanted to ask his opinion about Kolby’s Halloween costume (Kolby wants to be an elephant for Halloween, but apparently boys over age 5 can only be super heroes, Star Wars characters, strange cartoon characters I’ve never heard of, pirates, policemen, cowboys, etc. if you want to find the costume in a store. I’ve looked at a number of stores and websites, and had no luck with cute elephant costumes in his size that don’t cost a fortune. So I was trying to decide if I should still try to figure out something for an elephant costume for him, or tell him he needed to pick something like a policeman or pirate that was more easily available). So, we got into bed and I asked Michael what he thought:
Me: So, do you think I should get those grey sleeper pajamas and then try to find an elephant trunk and ears somewhere to match, or should I just tell him he needs to pick something like a pirate or cowboy or wizard or something from a store?
Michael: (silence)
Me: Are you sleeping or thinking?
Michael: Both.
Me: Ok, so I asked if you thought I should get the grey pajamas and try to make Kolby and elephant costume, or just have him pick something from the store like a pirate or something?
Michael: (silence)
Me: Are you awake?
Michael: What?
Me: I wanted to know if you thought I should try to get the stuff for an elephant costume or make him pick something from the store?
Michael: (silence)
Me: I mean, I can make a decision on my own. I was just wondering if you have an opinion or not?
Michael: I’m sure I do. It’s somewhere in the back of my head. I just can’t access it at this time. (silence . . . for the rest of the night).
Michael didn’t remember this conversation at all the next day.

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