14 August 2011

Camden's hair

At dinner on Sunday evenings Michael often asks each of the boys what they learned in their classes at church that day. Today when he asked Camden, this is what he told us.

Camden: Each of us got to sit on a chair in the middle of class and be a prince or a princess, and everyone went around and said something nice about us.
Michael: Oh, what did the other kids say about you?
Camden: I can’t remember anything, except one thing.
Michael: What was that?
Camden: That I have nice hair.
Michael: Oh, who said that?
Camden: Um, it was Andrew or Caleb.

Maybe that was the kind of conversation that you just had to be there for, but it was pretty funny to us. Not only are our 4-year-olds’ classmates commenting about his nice hair, but it is the boys making the comments and not the girls. It figures that Camden would remember the comment about his hair – it is pretty cute how he always remembers to ask me to do his hair in the mornings.  He’s a pretty cute kid!

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