12 July 2011

Hill Cumorah Pageant

We love going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra each summer.  This year we went on opening night, and had lots of fun.  We are always amazed that we can show up just an hour before the show starts, or even later, and easily find a spot to lay out a couple of blankets on the very front row in front of all the chairs, even with thousands of people already there long before us.  We love being right in front, because I think it helps a lot that the boys can see well so it keeps their attention.  And we enjoy laying on our blanket all together.  This year all of the boys watched the entire pageant (which is pretty good, seeing as it doesn't even start till it gets dark out, and it's not a short show for little kids).  Although Courtland got up and walked around just a bit, there wasn't even any crying from any of the boys this year, and they all stayed awake for the whole time, other than Courtland sleeping for about 5 minutes of it.  When we get there, the boys love to roll down the hill and play chase until the show starts, and I have fun taking pictures of them.  And our friend took one of all of us together -- it's too bad I don't look great in the picture (I swear I don't look that chubby in real life), because all the boys are actually looking at the camera, and some are even smiling.  :)  We're planning on going to the pageant again next week, just because it's so fun and we don't know what next summer will be like for our family with moving/studying for the board exam.

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