21 March 2011

Lego Boys

All of the boys have really been into Legos lately.  A few months ago I reorganized the closet in the study, and I decided to reorganize the bin of legos too.  When we first got legos, we kept each set in a ziplock bag in the bin, and I’d been surprised that they hadn’t been played with quite as much as we’d expected over the last year.  So I removed all the little bags and just put all the legos together in the big bin.  (And later I added a little plastic box with a lid so the boys could keep the lego people, animals, and the little items in it and find them easily.  But since then the legos have gotten a lot more use in our house.  And the younger boys seem to do fine with them – we can spend an hour or two just sitting at the table building a lego castle.  And for the most part the kids don’t wreck each others’ creations, but when a little brother does ‘break’ something, I’ve been reminding the big boys that the good thing about legos is that you can always build them again or make something new, so there’s not too much drama when that happens.  We had a lot of fun building this castle together (over several of the boys’ nights up).  Camden and I also built a model of our house the following week, which turned out to be much harder to build a replica of an actual building than just to make something up.  But we had lots of fun doing it.  We’ll have to keep our eyes open for more legos at garage sales this summer. 

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Donsher said...

It was the only toy we let the kids play with during General conference. It is a very quite toy and they can still hear conference...at least I liked to pretend they were Listening!