21 March 2011

Courtland Turned Two!

Our little Courtland turned 2 last month! He had a fun little puppy-themed party with his friends (the theme either had to be dogs or school buses – those are the two things that Courtland gets most excited about whenever he sees them, and has to point them out to us until we acknowledge that we saw them too. It’s pretty cute). When Courtland got his cake, it was adorable: he tried to blow out the candles but kept blowing up instead (and his hair would fly up around his forehead every time he blew), so he decided to get the job done quicker – he just grabbed the flame on the candle with his hand and put it right out. I guess that’s one way to get it done.

Courtland used his birthday money to get himself a zu-zu pet just like his big brothers (it’s so funny to watch him, he tucks them under his arms and carries them all around the house). He also got two new pairs of sleeper pajamas that are really cute – he especially loves the ones with the monkeys on them (and they’re a little big on him now, so they should last all winter next year too). And he also picked out a large floor puzzle that he and I put together for his night up after his birthday. He was so proud of himself!

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