27 January 2011


I happened to get a few good pictures and video clips of the boys playing together this month.  Here, on a day that I stayed home from church with Courtland when he wasn't feeling well, he set up the entire 'Toy Story 3' play set that the boys got for Christmas all by himself -- I knew that he liked to play with it too, but I didn't realize that he was old enough to grasp the concept of lining all the toys up in a row (because this toy set has a chain reaction of movements from one toy piece to the next if you line them all up).  What a smart little guy. 

And this one is of Lijah, Camden, and Isaac coloring -- you can see the video clip below where they were playing make believe as they colored the maze.  I love how Eli is narrating the pretend game -- I remember doing that when I was little. 

And I thought it was so fun the other day when Isaac and Courtland were racing each other around the house, and how they both ran over by the basement and yelled "I won!" each time they went around the circle.  I always think it's so fun when one of the little brothers gets old enough to really start playing well with his big brothers (and to keep up with them too).

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