27 January 2011

Courtland's Haircut

Courtland has had his hair trimmed a couple times before (just so it wasn't in his eyes), but last month we decided to give him his first 'real' haircut.  (Michael said that people at work were starting to comment about our cute little girl when he showed them family pictures, but I wasn't ready for my baby to have a 'big boy' spiked haircut yet, so this was the compromise).  I was a little worried about how it'd turn out, because when Camden was 2 his curls were getting long (down to his shoulders), so I decided to give him a haircut.  Somehow I ended up with a short, curly cut that looked like a perfectly styled little girl's hairdo (and I had to go to a 'big boy' cut not long after that).  So, I was really glad when Courtland's haircut went well, and I think it turned out pretty cute.  I'm not quite ready to give up those curls just yet.  :)



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