08 December 2010

Kolby’s 7th Birthday

So, Kolby had a fun birthday this year. His birthday is on Halloween, and that day he was excited to get an art box (a box full of all sorts of fun art projects and supplies that he picked out with the birthday money from his grandparents) – he was even already dressed in one of Daddy’s old shirts so he could do one of the painting projects. And we got him a K’nex set and a journal. And after dinner he had a cupcake with a candle to blow out (since he was having a party with a big cake in a few days).

Then on the following Saturday Kolby had his party. 7 of his friends from school and church were able to come, plus 3 of his brothers (Courtland was there for the first part of the party, but fell asleep while eating his cake). The kids played in the basement playroom, then had cake and ice cream sandwiches. (I was pretty proud of my llama cake). Kolby opened presents. Then we brought out a big stock pot of popcorn and they all watched The Emperor’s New Groove, a very cute Disney movie. I’ve never seen that much popcorn disappear so quickly. The kids were well behaved, and I think they all had fun – so the party was a success.

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