06 December 2010

Fall Barn

Well, I know that I wrote earlier that I was going to try to catch up on posting some photos, but when I went to post these photos the other day, I got a message saying that I had used up the free 1 GB of space for photos on the blog.  After hemming and hawing about it in my head for a few days, I decided that it was better to go with the option of paying $5 for 20 GB of storage space (which should take about 80 years to use up, if we keep adding photos to the blog at the same rate).  Since the only alternatives I could think of were either the hassle of removing old photos every time I wanted to add new ones, or never posting any photos to the blog again.  I rarely pay for anything like this – if something on the internet costs money, I usually just don’t use it.  But since this is one way that we have used to keep in touch with family and friends over the years with all the moving we’ve done, and because we use our blog as a kind of family journal, I thought $5 to continue adding more photos probably wouldn’t break the bank.  (Plus, this is another way to backup our photos in case of my worst nightmare: a computer crash causing the loss of irreplaceable family photos and genealogy).  Anyways, back to catching up on posting photos.  Here are some from when it was nice and colorful in the fall.  Now if you look out the window at our house you will see a little blizzard that’s been going on for the last day or so.  Don’t you just love winter?


There’s this cool old barn on the drive between our house and the church, and last year I wanted to get a picture of it in the Fall, but never had the camera with me.  So this Fall I made a point of getting a picture while the leaves were still colorful.  (Then I had a little fun editing it in PhotoShop).

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