04 July 2017

Summer Adventure: Black Canyon with the cousins

Had lots of fun with the kids at Black Canyon yesterday. (There must have been a flood this winter or something, because the main pool had changed so much since the last time we were there -- most of the reeds and some small trees were gone, making the pool much larger than it was several months ago). Walking upstream from the abandoned campground to the main pool was a fun short hike, and the kids enjoyed catching tons of frogs and stopping to jump in every pool we passed along the way.   We had the main pool to ourselves for a little while, then more people gradually joined us until there was a little crowd of swimmers & rock jumpers there, plus several dogs all running around having fun together -- too bad we weren't the only ones there like we have been in the past, but really I was just surprised there weren't more people there with it being a holiday.  And Michelle & I were brave and we both did the slide down the rock into the water and jumped in. Ended up walking up to the dirt road to head back to our cars, rather than picking our way back downstream (saving ourselves about half an hour) -- this worked out well, so we never even hit the breaking point with her little ones after a long warm day at the water.  Great day!

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