01 May 2017

Nice to have a Garden Again

Starting to get some new red strawberries.
Now that the landscaping is complete, it's nice to have a garden again.  I love that we have drip lines so I don't necessarily have to be out watering every day or two, but I also love to go out every few days just to see the progress of the fruit & vegetables.  And, what's even better about our garden here than back at our house in New York is that we have fruit trees -- so we not only get to watch them as they produce fruit, but over the years they will get taller to help fill in the yard with more greenery and some of them should even provide a little shade.  Here are some pictures from my walks around the garden this last week:

Passion Fruit!

One of the mandarin orange trees has lots of little fruit starting on it.  

I love the shape of the leaves on the fig trees -- I can't wait until these are nice big shady trees! 
They Meyer lemon tree with large lemons that will be ready soon on the left, and tiny dark green lemons on the right.

My favorite: yellow pear tomatoes

And some big tomatoes

We didn't know how well vegetables would grow in the planters on the side yard, since that area doesn't get full sun all day long, but thought we'd experiment and see how they did.  We did lose a couple of the tomato plants earlier in the season, but since then most of them have really taken off.  
Lots of little buds on the strawberry guava bush.

So excited that our little atemoya tree has "come back from the dead" -- we thought it was a goner when I ordered it online from a nursery in Florida, and there was a shipping mistake and it arrived and sat in a box on our doorstep for a few days while we were out of town without any water or sunlight.  It lost it's leaves, and we planted the remaining stick, just in case it might make it.  Then this spring it got leaves again!  
We were worried that this haas avocado tree was dying when it dropped every single one of it's leaves.  So I was SO excited when I went out last week to see that it not only has new little leaves coming out at the end of each branch, but if you look real close you can see that it's got quite a few teeny tiny avocados!


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