23 May 2017

Kolby learning a piano song

I took a few minutes the other day to sit and watch Kolby practicing a new song on the piano. (He saw this video of Jarrod Radnich playing his arrangement of Harry Potter music: https://youtu.be/zvSIFofFH90, and decided he wanted to learn to play it even though it's a very advanced song).  It was fun for me to watch how he practices when he is first starting to learn a new song.  And this video will give you a little taste of what the morning routine is like in the Bradshaw house -- one kid practicing on the downstairs piano while another practices on the little old digital piano upstairs at the same time, and one sweeping the floor in the background. (Now you can see why I sometimes seem to be "immune" to noise -- we often have two kids practicing the piano at the same time, so I've gotten used to the overlapping music of different songs being played at once).

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