29 May 2017

Day at the Dog Beach

We had a nice Memorial Day today at the dog beach for a few hours.  We went to the Del Mar dog beach - definitely my favorite dog beach, with its' pretty rocks & cliffs along the north side of the beach (and it's the cleanest dog beach I've been too). Even though it was a cool cloudy day, Michael and the boys enjoyed a little boogie boarding while my brother Matthew and I had fun walking down the beach with the dogs along the cliffs northward away from the holiday crowds of dogs & owners. We came back to find the boys happy, making sand castles and digging large holes in the sand. Then we got to come back to my parents' house and have a BBQ while the kids swam in the pool with two of my cousins, Tiffany & Christy. Michael has recently started exercising regularly and learning about healthy eating, and he found a recipe on his sister's food blog and made us some yummy jalepeno turkey burgers. Now the kids are all in from the pool and we've got some time to relax for the evening.

Always high energy when we first arrive at the dog beach

The boys playing chase with the dogs

walking down the beach with Matthew

Look at those beautiful cliffs!

I love to watch them run

sand castles

and holes in the sand

all tuckered out after running on the beach non-stop for a few hours

heading home

Michael's healthy bbq dinner

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