27 December 2016

Berkley's First Snow

Berkley turns 10 months old tomorrow.  She's checking out the snow in Mammoth for her very first time, and she loves it!

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Tj Alex said...

Hi Stephanie,

I came across your family site while googling "Greyhound Great Dane mix". Harley's picture came up and I fell in love! I wondered onto your site for more pictures of him and I have just truly been blessed by your family photos, stories and adventures. I only thumbed through the end of 2016 but that alone was enough for me to see the love your family is filled with. I pray that each of your lives are filled with peace, love and all the joy each of your hearts can hold! Thank you for sharing your light and love for Jesus! You were a blessing to me this morning all the way in Houston, TX!
Happy New Year Mrs. Bradshaw, to you and the entire Bradshaw Family! xoxo@Harley&Berkley <3