26 November 2016

Christmas Decorations

We got the Christmas tree yesterday, and got it all decorated today. 

These are my favorite ornaments of all: a little framed family photo from each year. 

(This year we decided to use the baby gate to dissuade Berkley from getting the idea that the gifts under the tree are chew toys). 

And we decided to hang the stockings indoors this year -- last year I hung them over the outdoor fireplace, but the wind kept blowing them down all the time. 

And I had this idea to search online for historic artwork that depicts the nativity from different cultures, and use those paintings as a screensaver on our tv. So now we can listen to Christmas carols while seeing images of Christ's birth. (And I think it's very interesting to see how different artists from different time periods and places depicted Jesus's birth and childhood). 

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