03 November 2016

4 Years of Portraits

Today I picked up the portraits we had taken of the boys last month.  I went to scan them, and realized that I had a decent sized stack of portraits next to the scanner, waiting to be scanned.  I started to look through them, and was surprised to see that I had 4 years of portraits of the boys that I hadn't ever shared with anyone.  So, I turned on some Christmas music, got some food for lunch, and sat down and started scanning and labeling photos.  Here's what I ended up with:

Isaac's baptism portrait from last year
The boys with their dogs, Brax & Harley, 2014:

Kolby, Elijah, & Camden's soccer pictures from back in 2013:

The rest were portraits of the boys and Halloween costume pictures, but I'll post those separately.  

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