01 October 2016

Grandma Bev

My Grandma Bev, my mom's mom, passed away last week.  We have been in Missouri for the last few days for the funeral and some family time.  It's been emotional, but also nice to catch up with extended family, and to search through the old photos in Grandma's closet at my uncle & aunt's house to see what treasures (photos) we could find.  

Here are copies of my grandma's obituary, and of the eulogy that was read at her funeral:

None of us had ever seen a little baby photo of my grandma before, so this portrait of her at her first birthday was a real find:

Beverly with her brother, Bob

Beverly Monk & Carl Spohr

Beverly Frances Monk Spohr with my mom, Amy Lynn Spohr

Four Generations: Lillie Margaret Conners Dick, Amy Lynn Spohr, Beverly Frances Monk Spohr, & Frances Olive Dick Monk

Grandpa Carl & Grandma Bev

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