19 August 2016

Friday Mornings

I've been trying this summer to get in better shape by eating healthier and getting outdoors more. (I'd way rather get my exercise by hiking to someplace new and interesting rather than going to a gym or running around a track). So since Michael now has some Friday mornings off work, I made some adjustments to my regular school year schedule, and now Friday mornings will be my time to go exploring -- to do a little biking or hiking. Michael had to go in to work this morning, but Harley and I decided to go on a little bike ride. Here he is cooling off in some water we found along the trail. 
Today was a fun little exploration in the canyons behind our neighborhood. I found one little shaded path under some trees, over a little make-shift bridge, where the water was lazily streaming under a thick tree trunk that was growing horizontally across the water. I've risen trough this same area so many times, and never seen this beautiful little green spot of shade before. I love exploring. 

(I wish a camera could capture how pretty this place really is). 

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