28 June 2016

"Summer Adventure" # 2

We had our second "summer adventure" last night. This one was a little different than most of the outdoor activities we have planned. After Camden & Isaac came home from their Cub Scout day camp, we got our picnic dinner ready and headed to Balboa Park. Michael came after work and met us there.

I guess they have free organ concerts on Monday nights in the summer at the outdoor Spreckles Organ Pavillion, and last night the San Diego Marine Band was playing with the organist. 

We went early. After saving some seats at the organ pavillion, we went and found a shady area in the grass to sit and eat our dinner.  Then I showed Michael the area nearby where these huge ficus trees grow on a hill, and their roots grow above ground, winding all the way down the hill. The boys played tag on the huge tree roots before we headed back for the concert. 

Michael loved the music, and the boys seemed to enjoy the concert. Harley was so good with the crowds of people and all the other dogs there at the park. I loved the architecture and lighting of the organ pavillion, and taking different photos of it as it got dark. It was interesting to hear the kind of (mostly) fast-paced music that the organist played (since I'm used to only hearing church hymns played on an organ). My favorite was the Marine Band. They played some patriotic songs, and mostly played lots of different march songs by John Philip Sousa.  My favorites were the couple of jazz songs that they played. All of our boys were asleep by 9:30pm when the concert ended, but they were pretty good sports about being woken up to walk back to the cars afterward. 

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