01 April 2016

School Dance

Michael and Kolby left early this morning for the big youth group general conference trip, and tonight Camden & Isaac had their 2/3 grade parent-student dance at school. I have to admit that I kind of just wanted to stay in tonight, and I wasn't very excited to go to the dance. But I didn't let on to the boys -- they were so excited, they both decided to dress up in their nice church clothes and I noticed Isaac even gelled his hair. :)

I was a little hesitant at first, not really feeling like dancing, but it was so fun to watch Camden & Isaac and all the other little boys and girls who had no fear and where just dancing like crazy. I joined in with the boys, and we ended up having a really fun night together. I taught them how to slow dance and how to lead. And tried to show them a few swing dancing moves. But I think their favorite part was when we held hands and spun around in circles together until we were really dizzy. 

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